The Shared Workspaces feature in PromptLayer is a collaborative tool designed to enhance teamwork and efficiency. It allows users to organize and share various data such as requests, prompt templates, and evaluations, in a central workspace. With Shared Workspaces, admins can create workspaces for multiple teams throughout their company for easy collaboration across the entire organization.

Key Features

  • Data Organization: Centralize all your team’s data in one shared workspace.
  • Collaboration: Work together with your team, share resources, and streamline your workflow.

Getting Started

You can create a new workspace by clicking the ‘Create Workspace’ button from the workspace dropdown.

Create Workspaces Button

Choose a unique name for your workspace to enhance its identity and ease of recognition among team members.

Create Workspaces Modal

Workspace Management

Upon creating a workspace, you’ll be designated as the administrator. This role empowers you to invite new members, dismiss current members, and also gives you the ability to delete the workspace.

Workspaces Management