Right now, the primary way to access PromptLayer is through our Python wrapper library that can be installed with pip install promptlayer.

The Python library is a wrapper over our REST API. If you use another language, like Javascript, just interact directly with the API.

Here are the calls you can make via our REST API (https://api.promptlayer.com/rest):

  1. Track Request
  2. Get Prompt Template
  3. Get Prompt Template (Deprecated)
  4. Publish Prompt Template
  5. Get Prompt Template Labels
  6. Publish Prompt Template (Deprecated)
  7. Track Score
  8. Track Prompt
  9. Track Group
  10. Track Metadata
  11. Get All Prompt Templates
  12. Get All Prompt Templates (Deprecated)
  13. Create Dataset from History
  14. Delete Datasets by Name
  15. Create Evaluation Pipeline
  16. Delete Reports by Name